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laser hair removal service

Premier Medical Offers Laser Hair Removal Service

Did you know that over a lifetime, a woman will spend over $10,000 on hair removal methods like shaving and waxing? Plus, it adds up to thousands of hours lost – extra time in the shower several times a week. That’s why so many women are taking the plunge and investing in laser hair removal service. While initially you’ll spend time and money for hair removal sessions, the payoff down the road is huge! Stop throwing away your money on razor blades and enjoy smooth, hair-free legs for years to come.

Soprano Ice For Fast, Comfortable Sessions

The Soprano Ice platform by Alma provides an innovative approach to laser hair removal. This proprietary technology uses gradual heat and fast, short pulses in a sweeping motion. The follicles become damaged which prevents the regrowth of hair. The 755nm wavelength allows for maximum energy absorption by the melanin in the skin. In other words, it’s effective on a wide range of skin and hair color combinations – even on dark skin. You may have heard that laser hair removal can be painful, but not anymore! The advanced cooling technology of Soprano Ice keeps your skin comfortable during treatment, while the cold saphire tip minimizes the risk of burns. Plus, the large spot applicator allows us to treat more area in less time. That means you’ll be in and out of sessions in less than half the time of other methods! The Soprano Ice system is so versatile, we can treat larger areas as well as smaller, sensitive areas like the bikini line, upper lip, and chin.

Get Started With Hair Removal Service At Premier

Laser hair removal requires repeat sessions since the hair follicles produce hairs at different rates. We typically suggest 6-8 sessions spaced 4-8 weeks apart. But, once your sessions are over, you’ll enjoy that smooth hair-free skin with almost no maintenance! To get started on your hair removal journey, book a consultation with us today.

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