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Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction

With Alma Accent Prime

If you’re looking to repair the sagging skin, the appearance of cellulite, scars, and stretch marks, Premier Medical Health & Wellness has the solution for you!

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Accent Prime is a revolutionary tool that can shape, sculpt, and smooth your body with long-lasting results that you can afford.

How does Body Sculpting & Fat Reduction Work?

Using radio-frequency waves, this very innovative modality gently stimulates your body to regenerate the layer of elastin and collagen under your skin. As your body repairs and rejuvenates itself, you’ll see the loose folds firming up to reveal your beautiful natural curves.

Through the use of our Alma Accent Prime device, our unipolar technology allows for focused, safe and deep heating of tissue at various depths within the skin. The tool provides our team of medical aesthetics experts control over the variable depth; practitioners have the flexibility and precision to treat the target area for optimal results.


Abdomen & “Love Handles”

The stomach and lower back are among the most sensitive areas of our bodys. Lifestyle factors like lack of exercise, stress, diet, pregnancy, and age, in combination with environmental inputs all contribute to the appearance of a “flabby belly”. For many of us, even rigorous exercise isn’t effective when it comes to restoring skin resilience. Our Alma Accent Prime™ device works incredibly to get rid of excess belly fat and produces firm, flexible skin. Your flat stomach and slender waist are now only a few comfortable 20 minute treatments away.

Arms & Back

Flabby skin & folds

Depending on your diet, exercise routine, and age there are some areas of our body are more challenging when it comes to maintaining their aesthetic appearance. As we get older, the skin on our back and shoulders can lose their firmness, leading to excess visible fat and a less desirable aged-look. At Premier Medical Health & Wellness, we use the Accent Prime™ system as a highly effective tool in these areas. Utilizing ultrasonic radio waves to destroy the excess fat quickly and effectively, giving you toned arms and a smooth back.


Thighs and Buttocks

Who doesn’t want smooth legs, and firm buttocks? Male and female clients alike have been raving about Accent Prime™ as a great solution for dealing with fatty tissue and undesirably lumpy cellulite riddled skin on the inside of the thighs and the knees. By combining ultrasound and radio wave technologies, Accent Prime acts quickly and effectively even in these highly challenging areas to stimulate collagen fibers and achieve a slim and lifted effect. Treatments will leave you feeling empowered in your more fit and youthful facade.