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Facial Rejuvenation & Tightening

With Alma Accent Prime

Our amazing Accent Prime device can take one your uneven skin tone, stretch marks, superficial pigmentation and coarse, uneven skin texture.

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Throughout our younger years, we benefit from an ample supply of naturally occurring nutrients that keep our skin smooth and resilient. As we age, this essential stock of nutrients will naturally begin to diminish, making our skin lose firmness. The result can be visibly undesirable traits like laugh lines, Crow’s feet, and skin that droops.

If you’re interested in elevating the look of your skin without surgery, you may want to consider RF (radiofrequency) skin tightening at Premier Medical Health and Wellness. 

Through the use of our cutting-edge Alma Accent Prime device, noninvasive skin tightening procedures help stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen so it’s possible to obtain more taut, healthier skin. We’re excited are proud to perform RF skin tightening for men and women who want to rejuvenate and tone their skin with effective, nonsurgical solutions.

The Accent Prime platform is the most advanced device for skin tightening and aesthetic enhancement. Our unique technology combines ultrasound and RF (radiofrequency) technology to provide highly customized treatments that are very effective and achieve natural-looking and long lasting results with minimal downtime or discomfort.

What is the Treatment Like?

Your skin will be cleansed, and the appropriate applicator will be selected for your customized treatment. The Accent Prime applicators each work directly on the skin, targeting the correct areas while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed.

The device heats gradually and includes an integrated cooling system for your comfort. Treatment times will vary among patients and needs but largely depend on what area(s) are being treated. For the most part, sessions are typically very quick and convenient, with the average treatment lasting about 15 minutes.

How many treatments are needed to maximize results?

We generally recommend 4 to 6 treatments.