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Accent Prime Body Sculpting

Warm weather will be here soon, so now is a great time to consider Accent Prime body sculpting. This noninvasive technology delivers incredible results to slim, tone, and reduce your trouble areas. Even with diet and exercise modification, many people struggle with stubborn excess fat in certain parts of their bodies. Accent Prime can help you tackle those spots to finally achieve the look you desire. Let’s take a look at this revolutionary system and what it can do for you.

How Does Accent Prime Body Sculpting Work?

Using a combination of ultrasound (US) and radiofrequency (RF) energies, Accent Prime targets and destroys fat cells. First, the US waves begin to disrupt the fat cells, separating them from surrounding tissue. Then, we apply RF energy to heat deep into the skin, which effectively damages the fat cells beyond repair. Your body eliminates these dead cells through the lymphatic system over the following weeks.

What Areas Can Be Treated?

Because this system delivers even, precise energy, many parts of the body can be treated. Most commonly, we treat the following areas:

  • Stomach – Abdomen and “love handles”
  • Arms & Back – Flabby skin and folds
  • Legs – Thighs and buttocks

One of the major benefits of this treatment is that there is no downtime. We simply recommend you hydrate very well several days before and after each treatment. In just a few short, 20 minute sessions, you’ll begin to see that excess fat melt away. Accent Prime produces both a circumferential decrease and visibly reduces fat deposits. Many people notice results after just one treatment, but for maximum results, we will develop a custom treatment plan just for you. Want to learn more about Accent Prime body sculpting? Book a consultation with us today! Let’s sit down together and discuss your goals, and how Premier Medical can help you reach them.

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